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These are incredibly uncertain and stressful times given the developments of the COVID-19 virus Pandemic. First, ensure you are doing your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. Next, as a reminder for everyone to regularly check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for updates.

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Residential Distributed Temperature Control System
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It's not just a thermostat it's a system. Finally, a thermostat that works for you... you don't work for the thermostat.


... oh our name

  The story behind the name may be of interest to History buffs (good trivia). During the U.S. Revolutionary War gathering intelligence on the British troop staging, movements and supplies would prove crucial for General Washington and the Continental Army. 
   A small group of trustworthy men and women formed North Americas first intelligence ring called the Culper Spy Ring. The Culper Ring was innovative and efficient at delivering of information providing General Washington with actionable information within weeks as opposed to months.
   Our "aha" moment became crystal clear to us. We live by our name Culper Technologies. We take underutilized data and make actionable Information creating intelligent decisions. Today we use the best of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine to Machine (M2M) learning.

We are Culper!


Meet our Team

Chuck Olzack

Executive VP,

Software Development

Driven by code but always the Entrepreneur and innovator. Leadership by example. Graduate Leigh University,     BS Computer Science

Pedro LLaguno

CEO and Founder

Nuclear Propulsion Engineer, US Navy. Passionate technology innovator. Graduate Nova Southeastern University.  BS Computer Science

Eduardo Alarcon

Board Advisor

Experienced Founder and Startup Entrepreneur and Business leader. Graduate from American University, BA Finance


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